Giving Something Back.

We feel incredibly fortunate and that's why we love to support charities and spread goodwill.

Seva is a Sanskrit word meaning “selfless service”. It is something that is done, without a thought for what you could gain. Something that you can do in order to give back and by the virtue of doing so, contribute towards a greater good. In this way, we all rise together. This Hindu philosophy is something we greatly believe in and strive to live by.

From participating in Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day to partnering up with Find Your Feet's Curry for Change campaign; we love getting stuck in, having fun and raising some money for a good cause. We are always thinking of ways to give thanks, raise money, involve our street foodies and serve up great meals throughout.

Our current project of significance is working towards minimising food wastage and donating our surplus to charities that are able to use what we couldn't. Unfortunately, most charities are unable to accept prepared food and so we are still trying to find shelters and other ways in which we can contribute a little to help someone from going hungry.

If you come to Chai Naasto and you order a bit too much, why not take a doggy bag home and save it for a midnight feast?! Not only will you get a cheeky twilight snack, you'd be helping our planet by reducing food wastage. And that feels pretty great; in your tummy and your soul. If you love to eat out and you'd like to find more about how you can make a difference, just take a look at Too Good To Waste's Campaign for Diner's.

Click, if you would like to read more about our Christmas Jumper competition or our Curry for Change event. And keep your eyes peeled for our next charity event!

Chai Naasto