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30/10/2017 | mibusinessmag.com | "I believe there should be a branch in every London Borough and beyond."

09/10/2017 | halalgems.com | "...this was an epic meal... The restaurant has a huge menu that is suitable for meat-eaters, vegans and vegetarians alike."

07/09/2017 | what2.co.uk | "We visited the Beckenham branch and was blown away by the bright table colours, music, and..."

25/08/2017 | halalfoodguy.co.uk | "I’ve been to a lot of restaurants to eat, but I have never ordered nor tried so many different..."

15/08/2017 | plantshift.com | "What a hit! Chai Naasto (Harrow) opened on 31st July and within hours of opening, tables were booked, people were..."

11/08/2017 | londonist.com | "London's Best Gluten-Free Food On A Budget"

02/08/2017 | independent.co.uk | "Top chefs reveal what they really think about going vegan..."

01/08/2017 | hospitalityandcateringnews.com | "Having won over Londoners with its healthy take on Indian street food at its restaurants in Beckenham and Hammersmith..."

01/08/2017 | squaremeal.co.uk | "Street food fans who prefer to sit down while dining can head to this Indian in Harrow. The name gives away the game..."

27/07/2017 | metro.co.uk | "8 new London restaurants to check out this August"

25/07/2017 | allgoodallvegan blog | "It was magic when my amazing local Indian Street Kitchen, Chai Naasto, knowing I’m vegan..."

18/07/2017 | independent.co.uk | "Chefs reveal the worst mistakes people make in the kitchen..."

12/07/2017 | independent.co.uk | "We tried some recently at the Indian street food restaurant Chai Naasto... and now we’re a bit addicted."

11/07/2017 | independent.co.uk | "Chefs reveal the one item they can't live without in the kitchen"

10/07/2017 | theyoungdomesticgoddess.co.uk | "Short story: Frankly, some of the tastiest Indian food I have ever reviewed."

10/07/2017 | feedthelion.co.uk | "Impressively decked out, with all the colour and fanfare of a busy Indian city, Chai Naasto has a fantastic array of street food..."

04/07/2017 | maxeat.com | "...these fellas have designed a delectable menu drawing inspiration from their Grandmothers (Nanima) basic household cooked foods and..."

20/06/2017 | AmorMagazine.co.uk | "Chai Naasto advertise themselves as, “street food with a seat” and that’s exactly what they offer. The menu features all sorts of appealing dishes..."

14/06/2017 | JulesB.co.uk | "Created by the head barman at Chai Naasto, this tipple is a spicy and zesty fresh eclectic mix of Beefeater Gin, fresh mint, spicy mango..."

14/06/2017 | moremetro.co.uk | "Cosy and welcoming, this little restaurant is run by a family of culinary wizards, who have taken inspiration for their delicious sharing plates from..."

08/06/2017 | designmynight.com | "Each mouthful drew out waves of nostalgia and perfectly represented the great flavours of Punjabi cooking that are often lost..."

05/06/2017 | TheWeek.co.uk | "If the flavours at Chai Naasto seem a little unfamiliar, it's because they have a unique and personal story behind them..."

25/05/2017 | london.lecool.com | "And then every once in a while there’s a restaurant that you want to pick up and put in your pocket to take home..."

May 2017 | Abouttimemagazine.co.uk | " The menu features a range of Indian small plates that are ideal for sharing, think Bombay chilli cheese bites..."

20/05/2017 | hospitalityandcateringnews.com | " Home to the best street food India has to offer, everything at Chai Naasto can be enjoyed whilst sitting down and savouring..."

25/04/2017 | feedthelion.co.uk | "Having been voted the Winner for Open Table’s 2016 Diner’s Choice in its first year of opening, this popular, young and vibrant restaurant’s menu..."

23/04/2017 | timeout.com | "An Indian street food restaurant founded by three brothers, with the intention of sharing their Nanima's (gran's) recipes with the people of London."

23/04/2017 | allgoodallvegan blog | "...their website showed a menu which had very-clearly marked vegan dishes I knew we had to give it a whirl."

13/10/2016 | Opentable.co.uk | " We’ve all got our favourites but if you need a little inspiration, we’ve rounded up 20 of the best Indian restaurants in the UK."

05/09/2016 | booandmaddie.com | "Such good food, brilliant staff and one of the best cocktails I’ve ever had in my life. Which is saying something because..."

22/08/2016 | trueviralnews.com | "Beware the homogenized high street: Putting independent food businesses on the map..."

18/08/2016 | booandmaddie.com | "We eat out often and our favourite restaurant at the moment is Chai-Naasto in Beckenham. Amazing Indian style street food with a seat, If you love..."

Diner reviews on TripAdvisor.com | "Staff were amazingly accommodating and super friendly. We had a table of incredibly delicious food; a bespoke no allium curry and attentive service."

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Chai Naasto